“If they keep exposing you to education, you might even realize some day that man becomes immortal only in what he writes on paper, or hacks into rock, or slabbers onto a canvas, or pulls out of a piano.”

― Robert Ruark, The Old Man and the Boy

Custom Framing

If you purchase one of our unframed pieces of artistry, we can save you a trip to your local framer by offering you custom framing at reasonable rates. After making your purchase call us or send an email informing us of your framing request. Taking into consideration your needs, we'll make suggestions from an artist's perspective, giving you options that will look great in your environment. Utilizing twenty-five years of experience, we can tailor framing to your wall color or room theme. The whole process is quick and easy!

Who We Are

The Up River Gallery gang consists of artists that live "up the river" from the metropolitan area. We are fortunate to live in cabin country, where our natural resources are bountiful and artistic inspiration is everywhere. Under "About Us" in the menu bar you'll find "drop down" pages containing biographical statements about us.

We love to paint on non-traditional stuff; birch bark, leaves, feathers, antique minnow buckets, saw blades, barnwood, cats....no, not really on cats. You'll also find traditional artwork here. You can search our shop by subject, material, artist, sculpture...Once you get to our on-line store check out the "drop down" menu under "shop" to find what you are looking for. Another easy option is to use our search feature at the top of the store page.

Many of our customers are folks that spend the work week in the city, but make that weekend migration to God's country. Art work from up the river brings home smiling memories of that weekend adventure and expresses a little about who one is outside of the j-o-b!