Creating art has always been a passion of mine. My father is an artist, as were other relatives, so I suppose it's just natural for me to record my experiences with visual artistry. Its a family tradition

Although I have worked in the commercial art world, I am now a freelance artist painting the things I love. Some of my sculptures and murals can be seen in prominant places such as the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota; the DNR building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds; The Science Museum of Minnesota and The Detroit Science Center in Michigan. My submission was selected as the winning design in the 2005 Minnesota Trout and Salmon Stamp competition.

Jason Alan Brown

The subject matter that I am drawn to comes from my rural lifestyle; horses, hunting dogs, wildlife, livestock, fishing scenes... and the people that enjoy outdoor adventures. Especially appealing to me are visual narratives between animals, people and natural settings.

The things I draw, paint and scultpt aren't copies of magazine photos; the compositions begin as sketches of the images in my mind's eye. Those initial rudimentary renderings from mental images are possible because of numerous hours spent sketching and studying anatomy and design principles. Further into the creative process, I look to reference material to ensure my depictions are accurate. The finished piece evolves after I am satisfied with the composition and draftmanship. 

"I wonder sometimes if I am duly appreciative of the good fortune that has been mine. In all probablility I am not. Too few of us are. I am glad that, from a space so infinite and vast that no human mind can begin to conceive its magnitude, these little molecules of dust came together to form the composite body which is me. I am glad to be alive. I have tasted life and I have found it sweet." 

-Burton Spiller, Grouse Feathers

Great art, regardless of the era, is consistently built upon the principles of design. A photographic snapshot may be pretty, but at the same time be somewhat visually chaotic or void of diversity. Design principles are the tools an artist uses to build an orderly interplay of visual elements which appeals innately to people and gives long term appeal to a work of art. Its much like the way a song is played in a key which consists not of all the notes, but of the ones that work together. Yes, there is a bit of math and psychology involved. Understanding those principles opens the door to creating beauty. That visual hierarchy which is employed in a good piece of art is why the camera can't replace the paint brush. Those important principles of design are incorporated into every piece of artwork I create.