Peg Skalicky

I am a self-taught artist who has grown up in the small town of Beroun, Mn. It is centrally located between the twin cities and Duluth. I have had a custom framing shop in my home for over 25 years, and have focused a lot my attention on wildlife art. I am a three time recipient of the People's Choice Award in the five county ECRAC Art Show. I have also earned the Grand Champion Award twice in the local county fair. I am a VIP member of the Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Global Branding and Networking. My art work has evolved over the years and I am now concentrating on turning the pieces of birch bark I aquire into one of a kind masterpieces that can never be duplicated. Each piece is a different size, different texture, and the scenes just grow from there. I also hand paint on leaves and frame them with a birch bark background. Those also are one of a kind originals. My newest endeavor has been the painting classes that I have been doing on a regular basis. I teach a two hour class in which the students then go home with a finished painting suitable for framing. Some of the images that I have done are on my online gallery at